Slotmachines and Poker



Game Master Plus+





Swing Time (DAE)

DAE 220-44 CPU
DAE 40-44 PSU
DAE 350-44
DAE 100-44
DAE 130-44
DAE 10 44A
Reel Assy









Some glass for Slot machines and Poker





PCB and parts

PCB  Screen
Lucky 8-Liner


Treasure City
Unknown (Black Jack?)

Lucky 90

IGS Paradise

DAE 20-44
DAE 150-44
DAE 190-44
DAE 230-44
DAE 250-44
DAE 280-55
DAE 320-44
DAE 360-44
Compugame PSU
Old Train JK-Genbrug
Old Train JK-Genbrug Lamp Print
Stock Car JK Lamp Print
Compugame Superstar XJK-3W-2
Compugame Cameron 3B
Compugame V5
Wolla-Mat 840926
Touchmaster 3000
Touchmaster 7000
Subsino Queen Bee