Sega Super Magic Vision

There is little information to find on this machine, the only thing i found, is a picture. There i can se that they where mounted together, there was 5 machines in front of a big screen or some sort of commercial stand. This machine is some sort of Poker game/ Golden Night 21, and has a Hopper.

It runs on 110v. The machine comes up with an error on startup and i never bothered to investigate what the problem was, maybe some dead battery issue ?? The monitor was dead in one of the cabinets and in the other the monitor was wobbling.

Well, i have converted one of them to play Arkanoid and i am going to convert the other one to play some horizontal game, because vertical games don't really fit in this cabinet :(

Okay, the second machine is almost done, just a little paint on the control panel and its ready.

Before Cleaning PSU Tube and Chassis After cleaning PCB Converting to Arkanoid Converting to Jamma