coMotion Model 1 by Gremlin 1976-77

Game Action:

Steer your Arrows by means of four control buttons. Powerful appeal is based on natural responses that are universal and simple. Head your opponents off, box them in, and force your opponents to crash.

Each player starts with 3 or 4 arrows preset for length of game; each time a player crashes he loses an arrow. The player with one or more arrows remaining at the end of the game wins and the screen flashes to announce the winner.


E-Z Adjust control panel mounted conveniently on inside of coin door. Quickly adjust (1) length of game; (2) sound volume during play; (3) Sound On or Off during advertising sequence

Patent for this game : 4089524.pdf


Uses 19" solid state Motorola TV monitor, AC 100-115v-220v, 50/60Hz, 130w, 3-wire cord with safety interlock on game access door, ground required.

Weight: coMotion No1 170 Pounds
Weight: coMotion No2 185 pounds


It looks like this 4 games have the same hardware. 

Blockade #807-0001 (Oct 1976)
coMotion #808-0001 (Oct 1976)
Hustle #813-0001 (May 1977)
Blasto #819-0001

Hustle have the same PCB layout as coMotion, can this be the case for the athour two aswell?? Did they just change the proms on the boards??

Blasto came in two versions, one standup-cabinet and one with the same cabinet as you see here. 


If you have any info or pictures from the days it was in action, well anything :) Please let me now. Just send a email to:  Hans

Some weeks ago i had contact with a collector in the US, hi had an Cosmic Attackers Table-Top made by Elcon Industries.

I have never seen it before and when i search Klov i found an Cosmic Attackers with allmost the same cabinet as the coMotion standup. So Elcon Industries made game with the same cabinets as Gremlin. Is there more like this out there ??

Now the machine is cleaned and ready for gameboard :)

comotion_clean.jpg (230699 byte) 

Power Supply/Amplifier Board Assy No. 807-0002 B  
Video Logic Board Assy No. 808-0001  
comotion1.jpg (575046 byte) comotion2.jpg (283658 byte) comotion3.jpg (298926 byte) comotion4.jpg (204750 byte)
comotion5.jpg (231594 byte) comotion6.jpg (310562 byte) comotion7.jpg (325716 byte) comrep13.jpg (187370 byte)
comrep18.jpg (216314 byte) comrep19.jpg (228063 byte) comrep21.jpg (60956 byte) comrep42.jpg (65696 byte)
comrep43.jpg (88015 byte) comrep44.jpg (75063 byte) comrep45.jpg (70149 byte) comrep37.jpg (240492 byte)
comrep38.jpg (135065 byte) comrep57.jpg (583545 byte) comrep62.jpg (400695 byte) comrep59.jpg (268129 byte)
comrep63.jpg (104486 byte) comrep58.jpg (232384 byte) comrep61.jpg (470838 byte) comrep60.jpg (430773 byte)