Atari Tempest

It,s A LIVE :)


My Hiscores, so far :)

26319 Level 8


Cabinet Monitor PSU PCB Misc.
Deflection PCB
Main PCB / Left side
Main PCB / Center
Main PCB / Right side
Regulator/Audio PCB


Repair Log

This game i found by coincidence, i was going with a friend to pick up a motor for his Porsche. When we came to the guy ho hade the motor, i so a Passport Photo machine, standing in the yard. That's strange, but maybe he has some other machines :) So i ask the guy "Do you have any Pinball or Arcade machines laying around", Yes i have a Arcade game out in the barn. "OK, lets see what it is". Wahoo, its Tempest. He say that it was working a few year ago, but then the monitor went dead, he hade made some work on it. Changed a few Transistors and installed a LV2000, but it newer started up again. So i bought the damn thing.

After a good cleaning inside and out, i was going to change the caps in the monitor, but i couldn't resist to try and get it running, so i mounted everything again and started up the machine.

The first time i plugged in the game, nothing happens. The spot killer was on and the only thing showing on the screen, was a lot of different colors, almost like a badly magnetized monitor. When i hit the test switch, the picture was upside down and no controls worked. I got a tip on that it probably was the Pokey chips that was bad. I got a new AUX-board from "blomman" and plugged it in, now the game starts up and i can here all the game sounds, but there is still no picture and the test indicates a bad Ram at M3.

Today i put in a new Ram chip at M3 by piggyback, and then it complained about L3, so i put another there as well. Now i see that there is a bad ROM at R3, so i burned a new one, and It's A LIVE :)

The next thing i must do now, is too change the caps in the monitor. I should have done that first thing, but i couldn't help my self, i just had to start it up :)



Test screens with connector plugged in.

Test screens with connector unplugged